Greentronics – Automated Boom Height Control

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Automated Sprayer Boom Height Control – Now with ISOBUS connectivity

Reduce spray drift, improve spray coverage, work faster and safer.

“We have had the 3 sensor Riteheight system installed on our Househam Air Ride for two seasons now. We find the system very easy to use and it works extremely well in all conditions. Overall it’s a great system and hassle-free!”

Ben Wright of  R L Stephenson, Wrawby

The RiteHeight Sprayer Boom Height Controller keeps the sprayer booms automatically at a consistent height, eliminating the need for manual height adjustments in hilly terrain, and minimizing the risk of boom contact with the ground.

The RiteHeight system uses rugged ultrasonic range sensors mounted near the boom tips to continually monitor and maintain the height of the booms above the ground or crop canopy. This means more consistent spray height, better spray coverage and reduced drift. Operators also experience much less stress and fatigue, especially when spraying at dusk or after dark.

The very latest development of the system has been to introduce ‘ISO’ option which enables the system to be displayed on the sprayers own controller. To date this works with:

John Deere 2620
Trimble FMx and TMX
Outback MAX
Ag Leader Versa and Integra in addition to the newer incommand 800 and 1200 with split screen option

The Greentronics RiteHeight system on a Rogator 1264. First field test after installation