Lechler agricultural spray nozzles

For your success and for the good of the environment


Modern plant protection amounts to more than the mere use of environmentally compatible products. The technology behind Lechlers spray nozzles mean each droplet should land as precisely as possible on the the target surface, while maintaining unrivaled coverage and distribution across the whole spray boom.



Standard flat fan nozzle range

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ST – Standard flat fan
LU – Variable pressure flat fan
AD – Anti drift flat fan

Air inclusion nozzle range

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IDTA – Asymmetrical Twin Flat Spray Air-Injector Nozzle
IDK – Drift reducing and high efficacy
IDKT – Drift reducing angled nozzle
ID3 – Extremely low drift nozzle
ITR – Air included hollow cone
IDKS – Off centre air inclusion nozzle

Liquid fertiliser nozzles

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FD – Patented fertiliser nozzle
Hose drop system for boom sprayer














Specialist nozzle range

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PRE – Pre-emergence applications nozzle
FT – Flood tip nozzle
TR – Hollow cone nozzle
OC – Off centre flat fan nozzle



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Multi jet nozzle bodies
Nozzle assembly tool please contact us about this item
TopFlow 2 flow meter
Bayonet caps

Nozzle Recommendations

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Rape Seeed
Soy Bean