About Us

altek International is a subsidiary of the German manufacturer altek Gmbh located in Hailfigen, Germany. As part of Bertolini Pumps, our solutions start with pumps but extend to ball valves, filters, regulators and fittings and the range is rounded off with selectable nozzle body control valves.

Who we work with

altek International work with some great companies within the agricultural industry such as John Guest and Greentronics to provide you with a wide range of quality assured products.

If you would like to work with us and become an altek partner, stockist or customer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our History

Altek International was established in 2008 and is responsible for the sales and support of altek products in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and North America and Australia. Working with sprayer manufactures and distributors, our ethic has always been to not only provide and sell the highest quality products for your sprayer, but to make sure our customers receive the help, support and assistance with any of our products when working hard out in the field.

Founding of Company

The starting roots of altek are founded upon the innovative spirit of two engineers and two operators from the company Rau, who didn´t want to resort on the competitor´s pumps for their field sprayers. So in 1965, in the garage of one of the company founders, the development and manufacturing of the first altek pumps took place.

Construction of the first Operations Building

The quantities produced started growing in demand so they founded in 1970 the first altek operating building. A few years later the uprising market share the products had reached required the company to expand.

Construction of the Official Headquarters

Due to the uprising market share the products had reached, the company required to expand. In 1979 the new altek GmbH building emerged and has set root as the Company´s Headquarters to this day.

Rau Group goes into Bankruptcy

During the 80s the market suffered a negative impact causing the majority of farmers to fall victims to the structural change. The Agricultural machinery manufacturers sold fewer machines impacting the sales of the Rau Group who in 1992 went financially bankrupt. Their subsidiary, altek, narrowly avoided bankruptcy itself.

Erhard Wissler joins the Rau Group

Erhard Wissler joined as the Rau Group Managing director, where altek also fell into his area of responsibility.

Acquisition of altek GmbH by Erhard Wissler

Three years later, the Rau Group was acquired by Kverneland Group, whose owner decided to separate his purchase from the altek GmbH. Erhard Wissler jumped at the chance to independency acquiring altek on 1.10.1999 leading the Company up to this day as an Independent family owned business with its Headquarters in Rottenburg-Hailfingen, Germany.

Introduction to Carbon Technology (Or: Entry into Carbon Technology Market)

In addition to agricultural technology, Carbon-fiber technology has always been a great passion of Erhard Wissler. Consequently, altek didn’t remain as the only company in his portfolio for long, in 2001 the founding of CarboFibretec took place, investing in the development of future technology.

Thomas Schwert becomes Manager Director of altek GmbH

With the recruiting of Tomas Schwert as Manager Director of altek in 2008, Erhard Wissler has gained the valuable support of an experienced connoisseur of the agricultural machinery industry. Since then, altek GmbH has continued building success and Erhard Wissler is now focusing more on the development of the Wissler Group.

50th Anniversary

Acquisition by Bertolini Pumps

2020: Acquisition by the 1918 founded Italian pump Producer Bertolini Pumps Merging of two pump Producers, market Leaders not only in the agricultural sector