RiteHeight – Sprayer Boom Height Control

RiteHeight – Sprayer Boom Height Control

Reduce spray drift, improve spray coverage, work faster and safer.
A better job with less stress, especially in hilly fields and at night.


The RiteHeight Sprayer Boom Height Controller keeps the sprayer booms automatically at a consistent height, eliminating the need for manual height adjustments in hilly terrain, and minimizing the risk of boom contact with the ground.

The RiteHeight system uses rugged ultrasonic range sensors mounted near the boom tips to continually monitor and maintain the height of the booms above the ground or crop canopy. That means more consistent spray height, better spray coverage, and reduced drift. And much less stress and fatigue, especially when spraying at dusk or after dark.

Because the RiteHeight Controller uses the sprayer’s existing electric-over-hydraulic controls, it can easily be installed on almost any type of sprayer. Connections are made to the solenoid valves that control the boom lift cylinders.

The RiteHeight Controller is designed to make the operator’s job easier on any sprayer. It is especially helpful in hilly or uneven fields, allowing the operator to focus on other aspects of spraying, and enabling faster operating.

Key Features:
* Easy to install: Only requires the installation of two sensors and simple electrical connections. No hydraulic plumbing required).
* Safeguards booms: Minimize the chance of booms hitting the ground
* Reduces operator fatigue: Automates boom height adjustments
* Versatile: Maintains consistent boom height above ground or crop canopy (selectable)
* Adaptable: Can be installed on almost any sprayer. Service menus are easily accessed on the controller to manually fine-tune calibration settings if needed.
* Electric-over-hydraulic: Works with standard electric-over-hydraulic controls, using open-centre or closed-centre hydraulics, and independent or shuttle type solenoid valves.
* Easy to use: Engage automatic mode with a single push button
* Simple manual over-ride: Manual over-ride immediately disengages


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